Enterprise wireless network multiple ssids

Im considering a wireless network to cover a large varied office environment which has meeting rooms dotted all over in various locations, there is a large open plan section that is double ceiling height and multiple enclosed offices too.

The network initially is to allow employees with wireless laptops to connect should they want to (we have quite a number of visiting employees from other regional offices - we are all setup the same for wireless) and also for visitors for guest internet access so i'll need multiple ssid's and we'll implement different vlans for the access control to ensure guests only have access to what we want them to.

I would want a single console to control them all and would expect to need anything from 30 - 50 devices depending on range & number of users they can usefully support.

Ive heard much talk of cisco aironet but little of other brands.

My question is what enterprise grade wireless kit is recommended or in use sucessfully in a large multiple access point installation?

Is it basically a matter of creating a mesh of wds enabled quality wap's? (I havent read up on current methods yet, its been a while)

Is ratified N worth waiting for or ar there draft N quality waps out there?

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Your best option is to segregate the corporate information from the guest information. This will prevent a guest gaining access and spreading viruses as well as gaining access to proprietary information.

I'd like to find out what type of business you are in and how to make sure you get the right solution for you.

Give me a call if you'd like to talk.

Chris Hutchison NetSteady Communications, Ltd

866-678-WIFI :: cmh [at] netsteady [dot] cc
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