Does your WRE54G version 1 update to 1.06.05?

I have been having a problem with the WRE54G. I decided to update it from version 1.06 it shows displayed on the status page at I have done Linksys upgraded before and this one was uneventful expect after it said the upgrade was successful, the display on the status page continues to read 1.06, not 1.06.05. I have tried doing this upgrade several times and it won't change the display. I have tried hitting reset, power cycling and it still shows 1.06, not the 1.06.05 I was expecting. In the recent past Linksys upgraded the display for the new software release immediately.

Anyone out there with a hardware version 1 WRE54G see a 1.06.05 on your stauts display page? Thanks!

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eastcoastguyz hath wroth:

I don't have a WRE54G v1. However, the Linksys online firmware emulator shows 1.06.05. See:

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Jeff Liebermann

Thanks very much for posting that. Not only does that display the firmware version I hoped for, it also shows that the date has been updated too. No doubt about it, while mine claims it has been upgraded, it has not been. I wonder if Linksys merely has the wrong file (version 1.06) there to download?

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