WPA2(AES+TKIP) more secure than WPA(TKIP only)?

Does allowing TKIP encryption for WPA2 (as opposed to AES only) effectively "downgrade" its security to that of WPA (using TKIP only)? I have a device on my private, WPA-configured WiFi network that doesn't support AES but *will* work with WPA2 providing I configure it (the router) with "AES+TKIP"; is there any benefit to moving to WPA2 with AES+TKIP support? Thanks for any comments...

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If you configure your SSID for TKIP+AES rather than AES only, this means that the group cipher will be the less secure TKIP rather than AES-CCMP. So theoretically your broadcast/multicast traffic would be less secure. (Not that I would stay up nights worrying about it.)


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