Does 128bit encryption slow down the traffic?

So I just bought D-link AirPlus 802.11G 54Mps Wireless Router. I set it up with wep with 128bit encryption to use with D-link 802.11G USB adaptor on my home computer. It seems it takes longer, sometime much longer to load a page than without any security setting. Does the 128bit encryption slow down the traffic? If so, maybe the 64bit encryption is the best for both security and speed?

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Sounds like it has slowed things down on your device. It's supposed to have only a small effect and that's exactly what I've seen on my gear. There's not much difference in security or speed between the 64 and 128 bit encryption, they're both easy to crack for someone who's got a clue. But either is better than no encryption. WPA/TKIP is much more secure.

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