Rural area, nothing better than satellite service. My neighbors on either side of my home and I share a satellite connection and a wireless network. Have maintained this for about 5 years w/o problem. Costs us about $23 per month each. Any one else utilize satellite in this manner?

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Sorta. I help with a shared DirecWay/HughesNet system for a local isolated community. No cableTV, too far for DSL, bottom of a canyon, and middle of a forest eliminates wireless. About 20 computers shared which is seriously overloaded. It only works because everyone mostly cooperates. The LAN side connections are mostly CAT5 run and not wireless. Wire is far more reliable than wireless, especially through the trees. The trick is to keep the critters from chewing on it.

I've only actually used the system once or twice, mostly to get software updates. It's painfully slow when more than 3 users are on at a time. The DirecWay Fair Access Policy causes constant slowdowns. If someone runs a big download overnight, then the system is running at a snails pace the next day.

I wouldn't recommend this system unless you were desperate. The neighborhood association has been looking into alternatives, which include a wireless link to the nearest cableTV termination. I guess I've been volunteered to engineer the replacement. Yet another project.

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