connection event logging with good range on "cheap" routers/accesspoints?

I'm looking to buy a wireless access point (or router) for my home network. I have only a few criteria but bizzarely it seems I ask too much of the sub-100ukp market:

- syslog output, especially of wireless connections made & dropped

- decent signal strength (ie. close to the uk max of 20dBm/100mW) prefereably with output power control.

- WPA, .11g, and other common facilities.

2 candidates are:

Buffalo WBR2G54, which has: - unimpressive power (13.5dBm) so probably unimpressive range/througput - power control (probably not needed with this!) - very good logging, to remote syslog

Linksys WRT54G(S) seems to have: - good power (18dBm) - no power control - no logging to remote syslog, just some naff traffic-only on-device log. (like I'm going to keep logging in to have a look at it !)

Despite the apparently low power tom's networking seemed to get pretty decent results from the Buffalo:

formatting link
There are lots of open firmwares for the linksys - most seem to support remote syslogging though I can't find any that state exactly

*what* they log - typically what's alluded to is traffic logging (iptables) which is only part of the story, and not I think as important as wireless connection events.

Opinions, especially of anyone with experience of either the Buffalo performance or openWRT (or other) connection event logging on the Linksys, gratefully received !


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