Christmas party: iOS has a public API to query DNS encrypted but Android does not

What API is on iOS that queries DNS with encryption that isn't on Android?

Yesterday I was at a Christmas party in the Silicon Valley with a few Google & Apple execs, where I asked everyone why they liked their phone, and when I said there was nothing on iOS that isn't already on Android (for free besides), one guy who writes code for both platforms told me that there are APIs in iOS that are public that are not in Android (public or private), such as the API to encrypt DNS queries without VPN.

That was interesting since he knew far more than I do, of course, as he's a VP of a startup company that sells communications equipment to both companies.

If anyone knows more about that - let me know if you know the specifics.

What API is on iOS that queries DNS with encryption that isn't on Android?

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at which point you told him that he had only a 5th grade education and was playing childhood games, that he was lying and you were the only one with the facts, and then went to socialize with the adults in the room.

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I didn't know groundskeepers, cafeteria staff, janitors and bus drivers were called execs. Is that a California thing? I have nothing against these fine workers, of course, but this title mania is out of control IMO.

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Alan Browne

Actually, since it was a party where there was a lot going on, we were conversing at the table where everyone was sampling the expensive wines near a Faberge egg display, where the following conversation, cross my heart, took place...

We had conversed for only a few moments, where all these Silicon Valley execs are my neighbors so we know each other well in the non-professional environment (I take them on hikes, for example), when I saw exec 1 (let's call him "AC") pull out his iPhone for some reason - which is when I had asked him why on earth such a smart guy uses such a dumb phone.

AC was the guy whose teams develop on both Android & iOS where he was the one to later told me that there are public APIs (yes, plural even) on iOS that are not on Android, such as the one to handled encrypted DNS (which is the only API I could get out of him at the rather busy party).

Just about that time, exec 2, let's call him MB, who happens to have both but who was using Android at that moment, chimed in that "I have absolutely no people skills", to which I asked what he meant. He said "you're so smart and yet you don't know how to get a message across", to which his friend "AC" concurred.

MB openly volunteered to take me under his wing to "teach me people skills", where I was so confused as to whether he was joking or being serious that I looked over to AC and asked, "is he serious?".

AC pointed back to MB saying, "See! He can't read you even enough to tell if you're being serious or if you're joking". MB insisted he was serious (we are friends, after all), but he insisted at the same time that at a party, it's not proper to insult the intelligence of people simply for choosing to use the iPhone.

I _still_ don't know if he was serious or joking, but both "said" they were serious. We moved on to other conversations shortly thereafter, so I didn't get a chance (yet) to pump AC for details on the specific APIs that Apple has which Android does not - but clearly AC took affront when I told him how worthless iOS is compared to Android (although AC nodded in agreement when I said there was plenty functionality on Android that isn't on iOS).

AC mainly took affront that I claimed there was 0 on iOS not already on Android, while MB thought that I could use my obvious intelligence a bit less brutally honestly up front. He said he'd love to coach me.

True story.

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I don't have to prove your mind of that of a child, Alan Browne. You just proved it for me.

It's instructive to note how the classic Apologists innately behave: o Both nospam & Alan Browne don't respond to the technical question o Neither nospam nor Alan Browne _can_ respond to the technical question


Simply prove me wrong, Alan Browne. HINT: You can't ever respond to _any_ technical discussion, with facts.

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Well, since you crossed your heart, I guess the rest can be taken at face value. Once a heart has been crossed, no untrue word can be spoken.

I don't envy you and your Aspergers. You have no social skills whatsoever. Don't like my observation? Read on for another opinion or two.

People with Aspergers have trouble with nuanced emotions such as sarcasm versus sincerity. You should have just told them that you have AS. They probably already guessed it, but confirmation might have helped them to relate to you in a way that works better for you.

Even without the crossing of the heart, it rings true to me. You've perfectly and accurately described the behavior of a person with AS. You have my sympathies. Life is surely hard for you, especially when life presents you with a social situation for which you are totally unequipped and unprepared.

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On the topic of honesty... I'm sure they're aware as I'm brutally honest as it's not hard to see.

I've never been professionally diagnosed (too old for that), but I'm sure I'm an aspy, as are many in my rather large strict Roman Catholic family.

Having had huge influences of both being an RC & an aspy... I have never understood why people, who aren't politicians or salesmen, lie.

Specifically, why people like nospam _always_ lie. o People like nospam always claim YES is no, and that NO is yes. o Why?

What benefit does it provide to have zero credibility like nospam has? (He's almost always wrong - since he simply guesses at everything.)

While I realize facts don't fit into _any_ religious belief system, people like nospam confuse me because facts don't fit into any of their belief systems, even technical belief systems.

When people like nospam deny even that which Apple admits, o I wonder if they're really that stupid, or, o I wonder why they would flatly deny that which is obviously a fact.

You see my dilemma? o If I assume nospam is stupid, then it all makes sense, o But if I assume he's actually intelligent, then he's just a brazen liar.

On the topic of honesty... o I can easily comprehend why idiots like Alan Browne are always wrong, o But I can't fathom why intelligent people like nospam always lie.

What gain do people like nospam get by always denying known facts? Specifically .... what makes them do that? (What makes them lie?)

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You stated that you have never been professionally diagnosed. You aren't too old so why not have a psychiatrist tell you why you lie?

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I don't have to prove you can never add on-topic value, BK. Because you prove that yourself.

*Nothing you write, BK, ever adds _any_ on-topic value to _any_ thread."
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The reason execs use iPhones are because of security and privacy, two areas where Android is weaker than iOS (though security is improved with Android 9). The cost difference of the hardware is of little concern.

Google's whole business model is based on a lack of privacy, and that isn't going to change

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I've been out of the business world for a while, but when I was in it, cost was of zero concern (in those days, they paid for everything, so, they, effectively, owned everything, even the service plan).

At that time, they would take the new phone from us, and "do something" to it, and then give it back. Everything went through their VPN after that, for example.

Privacy is a complex subject, as is security.

The problem in declaring that the "chain of communication" for Apple is, somehow, different than that of Android, is problematic when you consider that some of the components of that chain are EXACTLY the same for both.

What we have, in effect, is a chain containing strong links and then weaker links and then even weaker links, some of which are as strong as fishing line, while others are as weak as cotton sewing thread.

The MARKETING organization of the big company advertises like crazy those strong links, but remains silent on the sewing thread holding them together.

Having said that, I do agree with you that, essentially o Google MARKETING says they want your data o Apple MARKETGING says they don't want your data

However, you have to agree with me that, essentially o If you want to customize the thing, Android is easier o If you want to customize the thing, iOS is harder (IMHO).

I'm sure, to a professional organization, a "custom ROM" is not out of their league, in which case, both "might" be easy though.

So I ask you _that_ question: Q: How hard is it for a typical corporation to have a "custom ROM"?

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