Cheapest 802.11b bridge?

I have several dispersed wired devices I'd like to convert to wireless, each with its own bridge. What's the cheapest 802.11b client bridge out there at the moment? Somebody was unloading the now-discontinued D-Link DWL-810 (no plus) for about $25 awhile back, but they seem to be all gone. Any other candidates?

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Uncle Ken
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Why would you want 802.11b? You should get 802.11g. I know there is backwards compatibility, but when one device on an 802.11g network is operating at 11 Mb/s, all of your 802.11g network members drop their operating speeds to 11 Mb/s. Having that on your network is a liability if you plan to use 802.11g later.


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Fred Atkinson

Sometimes to have ANY connection is more important than the difference between 11 and 54. Besides, money seems to really matter to the OP, so I would advise him to visit store. These guys are running all kinds of promotions all the time, and I was able to snatch all kinds of nice deals on computer- and network-related equipment.

Unfortunately, they do not have any promotions in the Wireless Bridges section

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right this moment, but you may want to check back regularily or sign up for their updates or check out those "overstock" or "open box" sections of the site.

And then there is always eBay, right?

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