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I am looking for APs that are 802.11e compliant. I have seen Cisco 1500 and 1520 series. Their specifications are perfect for my project, but... they are very expensives. Do you know any devices with 802.11e (and

802.11i) support besides Cisco's ?.

Many thanks.

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Well, the problem is very few support *ONLY* 802.11e. They support various managed QoS schemes, most commonly WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia), built on top of 802.11e.

For example, 3com 7760 series:

has: "Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) adds managed QoS, based on the IEEE 802.11e standard; critical for the new generation of delay-sensitive data, voice, and video applications." Whether this does what you want and is compatible with other 802.11e QoS management implementations is questionable.

Anyway, search for WMM support, instead of 802.11e, and methinks you'll find a wider selection.

802.11i is commonly found as WPA2 with AES encryption. In general, all currently sold access points support WPA2.
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