antenna attachment on wifi adapter

I have posted a picture on alt.binaries.schematics.electronic of a wifi adapter. I'd like to add a 50 ohm external antenna to the adapter. I'd like opinions of the proper placement. Thanks, Mike

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You got the right idea. Remove that smt device you point to in the pic. That disconnects the internal antenna.

I would use the newely vacated pad (the pad connected to the thru hole) for the center conductor of the coax.

Scrape back the green solder mask adjacent to it (between the pad & the round exposed copper just above it in the photo) for the coax shield.

You want _very_ short & direct coax-to-pcb connection. See for a pic of two oem coax-pcb terminations. Its a very early WAP54G.

Where you show the coax connected would work, but shorter is better.

Don't forget a strain relief on the coax :)

Good luck


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Kim Clay

Can you email me the pic (

Regards, JS

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John Smith I

Hi JS, Try this page

formatting link
should have access to it. Mike

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