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I'm not really sure what possessed me to sniff the wifi from the local AC Transit buses with my phone today, but here is the info:

SSID: 5122 Mac Address: 00:0E:8E:2F:CE:84 Encryption: WPA2 Personal Channel: 1 Signal Strength:-68 dbm Band: 802.11b/g Signal Level: 36%

SSID: 4014 Mac Address: 00:0E:8E:2C:25:EC Encryption: WPA2 Personal Channel: 1 Signal Strength:-76 dbm Band: 802.11b/g Signal Level: 23%

The buses were about a 600ft away and about 40ft lower in altitude. It turns out the SSID is the bus number. You can read the number on the top of the bus. I guess the signal level is more like the quality that typical wifi gear reports. I wouldn't expect it to be good outside the bus.

The mac comes back to Sparklan >

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Seems to me if you lived along a bus route, you might not want to use channel 1, assuming all buses are on that channel.

Now checking the AC transit website, the wifi is supposed to be open:

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Maybe they use wifi for something else since these WAPs are encrypted.

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