802.11n for outdoor coverage

I=B4ve being using 802.11g AP to cover outdoor areas for small condos (about 10 houses). Quite simple: one AP outdoor , using a 120 degree sector antenna to cover each sector (one AP per sector), inside the houses an AP in "AP Client" mode with outdoor directional antenna.

Now I need to install a similar system in a bigger condo (50 houses) and I am considering the 802.11n technology. But one of the biggest points in 802.11n (as far as I understand) is MIMO technology and the use of reflection/refractions/diffractions that is not so common in outdoor environments.

Is there someone in the list with previous experiences in performance and coverage results for 802.11n in open areas that could share with the list?



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Until somebody with N knowledge and experience answers, I can say this:

G should do everything you need for outdoors. You already have the right idea, which is to use directional antennas and multiple APs strategically placed. I don't think going to an N router is going to get you anything in this case. You will just use it in G mode with a single antenna.

Now inside the houses is a different matter. There you can use the N's existing antenna array...

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