2 Wrt54GL's wirelessly bridged antenna selection help

Thanks for all the previous help. I now have two wrt54gl routers running ddwrt in wirless bridge mode. Everyhting seems to work. What I am now wanting to do is put some bigger antennas on these routers to make a better connection.

Just wondering what the major differences are if I go to a 2.4 GHz 24 dBi High Performance Die Cast Reflector Grid Wireless LAN Antenna - Model: HG2424G

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versus a 2.4 GHz 18 dBi Wireless LAN Heavy Duty Panel Antenna HyperGain® HG2418P

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How much performance do you loose to cable length?? The reason I ask is for the one router in the office I have access to a window, but I need to go to the roof for the antenna to be mounted and the distance is around 20-30ft.

Are there powered versions of antennas for around $60

Thanks in advance


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Bryon Friesen
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What is your line of sight distance? You may not need heavy artillery. 12- 14 dbi antennas or less may do you fine.

As the gain goes up, the focus is narrower. It get tougher to aim and amplifies stuff in it's path but also rejects off-path better... Not having used a parabolic, I imagine it's like pointing a laser vs pointing a spotlight with the panel antenna.

For over 10 feet, make sure and use LMR 400. Hawking has a good price on a 30' cable. 400 loses only .25db per meter.

The reason I ask is for

You might consider trying one antenna on one end (the easy one) first, depending on the distance.

Do you have a working bridge already using stock antennas in those positions? That tells me that one 12-14 dbi antenna on one end might take care of you.

Powered antenna? Amps? Actually, Radio Labs does sell a rubber duck antenna with a built-in amp for maybe $100.

But I doubt you need an amp.


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