My DSL ISP is bellsouth, which runs PPPoE. I run windows XP pro. Recently I had problems installing a Linksys WRT54GS router and Bellsouth advised that I should cofigure their modem to run on "ehernet bridge" mode. The router worked but now I have not been able to make a VPN work no matter what I do. Questions:

1- Does the fact that the modem is "ethenet bridge" have anything to do with VPN not working?

2- What are the proper parameters for WRT54GS to work under my conditions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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looking at the spec for the WRT54GS it's not a VPN router, so i'm guessing you are routing though this device no to it? since you didn't say my guess is your trying to VPN to in to your office or something like that. if so have you set the VPN pass though setting either IPSEC ot PTPP passthoughs at the bottom of the filters section? if not i suspect as long as your client is setup correctly once you allow the pass though you should be up and working.

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