Setting up a VPN

I regularly set up networks but haven't done anything but the simplest third-party VPNs like LogMeIn. The demand for VPNs is going up and I need to learn how to do things.

Some references: web links or books would be helpful.

In the mean time, here are some dumb questions:

- can I set up a VPN between Windows XP clients through any variety of Linksys or D-Link routers and NATting DSL modems? If so, how? Are there situations or devices where this can't be done?

- assuming the DSL IP addresses aren't static, is that an issue and how is it overcome?

- can this be done "from scratch" or is any special equipment or software needed?



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Fred Marshall
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XP will support one incoming VPN connection so you can do a single client to XP vpn. The routers would need to support port forwarding on the site where the connection comes in so that the vpn protocols are put through to the internal lan IP of the machine. On the remote sites the routers would need to support VPN passthrough - most do these days.

Use a dynamic dns service.

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