* VoIP Carrier Suite (Latest Release) (Billing/Routing Platform) * Demo / Ready for Install (free trial) *

Details: VoIP Carrier Suite (Latest Release) (Billing/Routing Platform) No Switching

Setup requirements: 1-2 Linux Servers

Scalability: 1 million mins to 50 million mins

Prefect Wholesale Solution , Prepaid and Postpaid , Retail Solutions

Wide Features List : Wide Range of Billing Models Prepaid and postpaid, Wholesale and Retail, VoIP reselling Accounting & Invoicing Payment terms, auto-invoicing, balance reports, multi-currency Dynamic Routing LCR, Quality, Proportional, profitability control Rates Management Smart import, analysis and comparison, rates generation Statistics & Reports Profitability & quality monitoring, summary and detailed reports Retail VoIP Services Subscription plans, payment gateways, call centers, calling cards, call shops Jurisdictional Billing LNP, InterLATA/IntraLATA billing, jurisdictional routing CDRs Disputes Comparison and analysis of Missed or Mismatched CDRs

Compatibility: All Switches on market!


The most important parameter for real-time billing system is Calls Per Second (CPS). For offline billing only the number of call attempts matters. In both scenarios our cluster architecture allows you to scale the system up in order to handle required high volumes. Our current tests show stable continuous operation of the platform with the following volumes:

Maximum CPS: 250 per node Concurrent Calls: 24000 per node Monthly Traffic: 800 Mil minutes

  • Software Upgrade, capacity upgrades , database problems , technical support , Training , available *

We provide full installation, at some extra fee you can order tech support, configuration of your system per your requirements. We can do updates for you after company releases the new version with some few update fees Affordable prices, quick problem resolving, professional attitude!

skype: mera2solutions You email or msn on snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com to ask any questions.

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