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You can start your own voip business and become financially independant.

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has all of the details on how you can start with a very small amount of time and money and become an independant marketing representative.

Don't wait get started right away visit

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and get your free copy of our financial freedom magazine.

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How long has this company been in business and what are the chances of success?

I have always heard of MLM but was afraid to try is there a large percentage that really succeed


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the carrier or are they a representative?

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No, only the people running the scam make money at MLM. Everyone else just loses all their friends by annoying them with sales pitches all the time. Then they lose the money they blew buying into it.


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Miguel Cruz

The way to make a small bit of money is to *start* an MLM and to put aliases for yourself in the top 4 rows of the pyramid. That way you collect all the money from the suckers that are really doing the hard work.

Of course this is the same hack as the make-money-fast schemes that plague usenet. Erase all the names in the msg and replace with an alias for yourself using the address of friends that you have prepped to hold any mail addressed this way for you.


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Wolfgang S. Rupprecht

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