starting a prepaid phone card business

hi am looking to start a business in the repaid phone card ; am new to VOIP , what i want to ask is :

  1. what courses to take to be able to run such a business
  2. the average cost for a small project
  3. where and how to find VoIP termination in countries around the world

i appreciate any answer , and i apologize if this sound routine

thank you

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First of all, acquire more knowledge and expertise; VoIP is a technology of many techniques. Moreover doing VoIP _business_ is another thing which may require further expertise in many a more fields like marketing, advertising, financial and, or resource management etc.

Wise and, or learned businessmen never ask these kinds of questions, not even from their CA's.

Search and join as many VoIP forums as you can, and push your ads there.

*Please*, *please*, *please* don't do that here in this newsgroup :)

Yeah, you must! these were the toughest questions ever asked about starting a Calling Card and, or VoIP business ;)

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