Voicemaster: bugs solving updates!!!

Dear Sirs,

We have been working in VM2000 and SM7000 dedicated support for more than

8 years. We know VM and SM total configuration, troubleshooting, setup of Pc2Phone, Pc 2 Pc, Configure Multi Level Marketing, Configure Reseller, SMS Callback, VoiceMail, DIDS, callshop, softphone, IP Phone, Norfa, IP TV etc.

Among the most frequently repeated problems/bugs recently faced and solved by our engineers on Voicemaster/Sysmaster systems are:

? NEW: Multiple DID management ? NEW: Credit card payment in web admin console ? NEW: Modules management by VM admin ? NEW: Bandwidth management ? NEW: Multiple IP authentication by network MASK ? NEW: Multiple authorization by IP (for wholesale accounts) ? 3 level Billing ? Request Timeout error on Raduis ? Short number dialing (so that customer could dial short numbers instead of long numbers with country codes) ? Adding new non-standard reports to VM ? ?Low pin balance? and ?0 balance? errors on softphone ? CRM bug ? GWs list displaying error ? Reseller billing (rates + report corrections) ? ?Softphone application loading? error ? And many others

We can develop a script for YOUR definite requirements. Be unique and offer exclusive opportunities for your customers!

Best regards, e-mail: merlin.mayer (at) gmail.com MSN: snipped-for-privacy@vfemail.net Yahoo: merlin_mayer P.S. VM 5.07 and SM 2.0.58 for purchase/rent/lease are available!!!

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