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I was just wondering if any voice over IP hardware products can work on a local area network that is not be connected to the Internet. For instance, if you have two of your voice over IP routers connected to one another using a crossover cable, is there a way that two phones connected to them can talk to one another?

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equipment does this, though I haven't played with any of them directly. Most ATAs can't be connected back-to-back, though you could set up a cheap TrixBox (nee Asterisk@Home) server to connect them.

Many ATAs are locked to a specific vendor, and won't work outside their system, so it depends if you have hardware kicking around that you think you want to use...

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William P.N. Smith

From memory, SIP can work peer-to-peer like this, if you connect by IP address rather than by name. You won't be able to do fancy things like conferencing but you should get a connection.

I don't think H.323 or MGCP can do this.

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Phil McKerracher

If you buy ATA's from best buy or somethign like that, then they will be locked to a specific vendor. You can always buy them from other resellers if you want unlocked devices.

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