Voice Over IP Walkie Talkies

I would like a device that looks and works like a walkie-talkie except it communicates with a wireless 802.11g Access Point and uses voice over IP to transmit voice communications over a WAN. I believe that this would have several benefits over a conventional cell phone, i.e. no monthly charges, in some cases clearer communications, improved security. To make a call to another walkie-talkie on the WAN you could type in the IP address for that device. The device should be lightweight, small, and can easily be carried on a person. Does a product like this exist?

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You'd be better off aliasing the MAC address to a real name, and storing that info in the "walkie talkie's" address book. If something like that were to ever be made that is...

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Onion Knight

There are several softphone clients for PDAs if that is a feasible solution.


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Tor-Einar Jarnbjo

You can get a WIFI VoIP phone like Zyxel P2000W, ( few others: Cisco , Senao etc.) which will work wherever you can connect to WIFI. There is a catch, they aren't cheap ! One day they will be common place and combined with mobile phones..., but I need one now ! Regards, Martin

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P2000W is not a very good bit of kit, if I'm totally honest.

We've never really got ours working "perfectly"..



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Alex Bloor

Actually, it's no called IoIP or Intercom over Internet Protocol. The idea is just that...use the LAN/WAN for Push to Talk Intercoms. Digital Acoustics ii3 Intercoms

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seem to be the largest manufacturer of IoIP and VoIP type intercoms.

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