Phonebook that handles 200-300 #'s?


Since most of our customers have a CID name that doesn't tell who they are (eg. "Hardware store"), we need to input all of them into the phonebook of each and every IP phone, so that the CID name that is displayed is actually useful ("John Doe's Hardware Store/Elm Street").

Problem is, we have about 200 numbers to handle, but entry-level phones like the Linksys SPA-921 or the Grandstream GXP-2000 are limited to 100 entries.

Do you know of affordable phones that can either hold 200-300 entries in their phonebook, or make calls to an LDAP server for live resolution?

Thank you.

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Gilles Ganault
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Is this just for inbound calls? If so, could it be centralized on your PBX (or is that not an option in your environment?)

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Just for inbound calls. Sorry, forgot to say we want to use an IP centrex so as not to have to manage our own PBX.

Looks like the only option is Cisco, in the $300+ range.

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