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The key to business is relationship building that's what video audio conference software Does build your relationship with customers and potential customers. We have demo rooms to demonstrate are software Enter here download Run or cut paste into your browser and then run

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Video Conferencing is the system that allows you to get in touch with Your employees, students, customers we offer you The video conferencing facility.

Take control of your video conferencing business by turning your Website from a passive display case into a powerful, pro-active video Sales tool with conference ware live audio video.

You can broadcast auctions with live video conferencing, and accept Live bids from registered bidders on-line so bidders can participate On-line in real time and many more uses.

Today, Video Conferencing customers all over the country use the Internet to search for properties, pricing and more. So be there live For your sales prospects , conference is used by many real-estate Professionals to offer their website visitors real-time assistance, Capture contact information and convert these leads into paying Customers.

The Video Conferencing Advantage. Customer service using real-time communications with website Visitors through live call. "Push" web pages - open a new browser window on customer's Computer (ideal for showing properties online).

Desktop share or remote access a computer and more features to.

We have demo rooms to demonstrate are software Enter here download run

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