Free DID USA # was posted on Voxilla

There is a post on Voxilla today that is offering USA DID's to almost every area code.

I just signed up. I loved my Stanaphone but no one here in Nevada wanted to call a NY #.

I now have free incoming calls to my local Nevada area.

They also have a unlimited $25 a month GLOBAL plan. Matbe I will switch. Should call my brother in Germany more often.

Anyone else using this company?

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Voicestick doesn't run on Linux. Is there any way of hooking up a general SIP device to Voicestick's servers? Or IAX2?


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Klaus Alexander Seistrup

I just started using them Monday. They had my area code. Wonder if it will stay free...

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Jonathan Roberts

"Jonathan Roberts" wrote in news:nQa6g.20$4I.2@dukeread10:

I called in and they said it will remain free. I guess they earn termination income so it is not a loss item.

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I tried. Outbound calls are also working from a normal "hardware" IP telephone. Inbound calls are wether working on the hardware device, nor with VoiceStick's softphone. The SIP log of my hardware phone shows that when attempting to make an inbound call, no SIP requests are coming until Voicestick decides to cancel the call setup attempt, in which case a CANCEL request is received, which is rejected by the phone, as it doesn't know any matching INVITE request. Tracing the network traffic to the softphone shows that there is a different problem. Voicestick is properly sending an INVITE request, but it is completely ignored by the softphone application.


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Tor-Einar Jarnbjo

My son was playing around with the Xten softphone for Mac. It worked well with VoiceStick, anyone try it with Linux?

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