Panasonic KX-TD1232 Day/Night Extension


I need to change the extension that rings when the system automatically switches to night mode.

I changed "410 Intercep NT" and set all TRK GRPs to the new extension,

207. However, the old extension, 106, keeps ringing. Am I changing the correct section?

Thanks Danny

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Sure, the system just didn't like it :-)

Seriously, when you got into the 410 section you were in trouble. DIL 1:1 is set up in 407 and 408 and is set to disable by default.

409 and 10 don't do anything if 407 and 408 are not set.

Try 603 and 604 DIL 1:N !!!

Carl Navarro

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Carl Navarro

Thanks. That was what I needed! Danny

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