Kentrox CSU Power Distribution

I have 12 Kentrox Tserv II - CSU's mounted in a 19" communications equipment rack. Each CSU has a separate 28VDC power supply. The design of the power supply is such that when plugged into an electrical outlet, it covers the next open socket as well.

I am looking for a 28VDC power supply that I could use to power some or all of the CSU's from a single unit with some type of terminal bus to attach the CSU's to.

Any help help in locating such a power supply would be greatly appreciated.

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I can't help with the power supply, but here's something that can help with the "covered outlet" problem with wallwart power adapters:

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The CSUs specs

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that will work on 20-56V DC @ 30-60mA (depending on voltage). We power ours (wall mounted Kentrox rather than in a rack) from the

-48VDC of the rectifier going to our NEAX 2400 IPX. The PBX has fused aux outputs on the supply bus. The power is routed to some 110 blocks on the backboard between the switch and field blocks where it distributes to the CSUs.

If it's not convienient to pull power from your rectifier/batteries, I'd suggest a stand-alone UPS and a power supply similar to this:

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At 48V/30mA, with 12 units you're looking at a draw of about 360mA, and with a 3A output, this supply will give you that and more. You can also look at MPJA's P#s 6630-PS (0.5A output) and 6631-PS (1Aoutput) by doing a search off their pages. Any of these three are less than 5" wide and 9" long, so they would fit on the back of a 3U blank panel (8131-LM natural aluminum or 8132-LM, black) with some minor fabrication on your part. You could use a Cinch barrier strip for distribution, or if you wanted individually fused outputs you could run a bus between some panel mount fuseholders and take the other side of the fuse to each of your KSUs. If you're the least bit handy and don't mind rolling your own, this could be an option to get rid of your wall-warts.

We're using 24AWG cross connect wire from the 110 blocks to the terminal block on the wall-mounted CSUs, so wire gauge for what power they're going to draw shouldn't be much of a worry for you.

As fo something commercially built, I haven't researched it since the following is the way I've tackled a situation similar to yours previously.

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Roger Elmore

would using a short power extension lead help?

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take a look at the power supply section of the spec sheet:

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several choices of units capable of powering multiple csu's available from your neighborhood reseller...

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