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I have not been able to find any information regarding a small charge that shows up on my Comcast digital phone service bill. Before I contact Comcast, I was wondering if anyone here (or knows where) I could find some information about a "low-income assistance fund" charge that is on my monthly bill. It appears to be something that I can't opt out of. Is this on everyones phone bill regardless of your provider? I live in Colorado; if that helps any. Thanks for any responces that may help me understand why I'm contributing to this unwillingly.


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There's no charge by that name on _my_ phone bills. But, I'm not in Colorado.

This is *probably* something such that is mandated by state law in Colorado.

The places with 'authoritative' answers: the carrier the state public utilities commission the state legislature

Try a google search on the line-item from the charges, _with_ the state name added.

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