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We have a current co-location agreement with a cell carrier and after reviewing the agreement, it's evident that we are not getting the good end of the deal. The carrier is utilizing our last bit of electrical expansion and the area on the roof has a tendency to leak where they placed their tower. The money that we're getting is not worth the trouble. Long story short, we have another carrier that would like to co-locate with us and I would like to review the agreement to see if it's a better deal. Is there a resource to look at the market's going rate for cell tower co-location. Also, in our hospital, we have a number of dead cell spots where there is no service. Would it be out of line to request some sort of repeaters in our areas of weak signal strength? Any info is appreciated. Thanks TB

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That was bad planning. A good contract would make them responsible for all of their own utilities and damage from whatever they erect.

It entirely depends on the amount of traffic. I negotiated leases for antennae on our rural water tower, and we're getting about $10K per year per tenant, which is at the low end. But you better check your existing contract to be sure it allows you to co-lo another tenant. If you accepted the first cell company's boilerplate contract, it almost certainly says they control co-lo, not you.

I don't see why not. You can always ask.

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