Xiaomi Mi Mix review - This is what the future of smartphones looks like [telecom]

Xiaomi elegantly solves a lot of problems to create a more screen-centric smartphone.

By Ron Amadeo

Smartphone design has stagnated. If you're using Apple as a measuring stick for the industry, we're going to have three years of iPhones that use an identical case design. If you're going by Samsung, the company hasn't tweaked its front design since the Galaxy S5 in

2014. Google just produced its first self-branded smartphone hardware ever, and it didn't have anything significant to say when it comes to smartphone design either.

Not everyone in the industry seems so content with the status quo, though. For a different take on smartphone design, we look to China, where Xiaomi has just introduced a phone with a jaw-dropping design that maximizes screen real estate above all else. The Xiaomi Mi Mix is the company's look at "the future of smartphones." While it's being called a "concept phone," it's actually for sale for the shockingly low price of $516. Forget about buying it, though - Xiaomi is selling the Mi Mix in China only. Even if you could pay a premium to import it, it sadly lacks important LTE bands for service in the US.

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