Wyandotte parents meeting with T-Mobile to discuss 5G tower on school building [telecom]

By: Darren Cunningham, Matt Dale

WYANDOTTE, Mich. (WXYZ) — Tuesday night, parents in Wyandotte are preparing to meet with T-Mobile to discuss a 5G cellphone tower built atop Washington Elementary School.

7 Action News has followed this issue over the past several weeks. We're told this is the first meeting involving T-Mobile.

In a letter sent to families on Monday, Superintendent Catherine Cost said breaching the contract with T-Mobile could cost "millions" if T-Mobile sues the district.

Josh Castmore has two daughters at Washington.

“Our ultimate concern is the safety of our kids," he told 7 Action News.

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Am 23.03.2023 schrieb Telecom Digest Moderator snipped-for-privacy@telecom-digest.org:

All the same BS again and again over the years. Here in Walldorf, Germany, ISPs planned to mount 4G/5G antennas on the roof of the city hall - a petition was started by people who fear the radiation - but still use mobile phones and WiFi, DECT cordless telephones.

I don't take them seriously at all. Many people who don't know anything about the technology signed it because the just don't want antennas in the middle of the town.

The result was that no antennas were mounted, so the coverage is still bad - the next cellphone tower is next to the graveyard at the end of the city.

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