Where, how and why smartphones are stolen in San Francisco CA [telecom]

Interactive map from InfoWorld here:

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Where are cell phones stolen in SF? Ellen Huet May 16, 2013 at 6:30 am PDT

It's no secret that cell phone thefts -- especially robberies -- are on the rise in San Francisco. The trend even has subtrends: it's likely your smart phone will get stolen while you're riding Muni, and phone thieves are starting to develop a taste for Android over Apple.

Now there's another factor to think about when weighing whether to check that text in public: Where are you standing?

The folks at InfoWorld pulled together an interactive map of cell phone and tablet thefts from November 2012 through April 2013, using data from daily police reports of serious incidents. Each incident can be clicked on for more information. Red icons indicate a robbery with firearm or knife, blue icons are robbery with force and purple incidents are phone thefts that don't fit either category.

Somewhat predictably, the thefts appear bunched around busy downtown areas, including Market Street and the Financial District, plus a small pocket in the central Mission. An accompanying article also shows 7-10 p.m. as the time of day when thefts are most likely to occur.

Another thing to note: Not all of the incidents on the map are robberies -- some of the "other" categories include hot-prowl burglaries where phones were taken.

No matter the location, the best way to avoid cell phone theft is to stay vigilant about your surroundings, especially when sitting near an exit on a bus or train, and to avoid taking your phone out in public, police said.

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