What to Know About the Sunsetting of2G/3G Networks in Preparation for 5G [telecom]

What to Know About the Sunsetting of2G/3G Networks in Preparation for 5G

Today, 99% of Americans have access to three or more 4G/LTE networks, but we know that while these options exist, there are still some Americans using 2G or 3G devices and networks. With 5G service expanding rapidly, wireless carriers are planning on retiring 2G and 3G networks to free up spectrum for this new generation of service. We want to provide some consumer tips to help affected customers transition to new devices, which you may have already heard from your operator as many providers have been emailing, texting, and sending letters to customers over the past few months to help them prepare.

Customer service support is on hand to help you make the switch to a 4G- or 5G-ready device. Read on for more information on this transition and to learn what it means for you.

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Different countries try to phase out the old technology in different ways. German operator Deutsche Telekom wants to shut down 3G, but keep 2G. Switzerland want to switch off 2G first.

There are many problems with switching off 2G: Many phones - especially easy cellphones don't support 4G or 5G. They are useless then. Another problem are cellular connected phone devices like elevator emergency phones or burglar alarm systems that are expensive to replace.

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