WECO 302 Wiring Question

Pat, please withhold my posting address for obvious resons.

I have a friend who has an old Western Electric 302 phone. He would like to hook it up to the modern PSTN network, but doesn't know how to connect the wires. This is how he explains it:

Inside is a transformer with connections labeled GN, R, Y(L2), L1, and C, and on the base is a terminal block with connections labeled GND and K. The connections labeled Y(L2), and L1 have screws for additional connections that appear to have been removed; the screws are unscrewed up off the metal connector.

Could someone provide us with instructions of how to connect this phone to a modern phone jack? We would appreciate any help you can give me.


David Perrussel

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I _thought_ most WE 302 phones had all (or most of their guts) in the 'side ringer' box which was mounted on the wall. PAT]
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