Verizon collecting old cellphones for victims of domestic abuse [telecom]

I saw this online today:

Verizon Wireless and The Family Place Partner With the City of Plano to Raise Awareness of Domestic Violence

PLANO, TEXAS, OCT. 9, 2012 . /PRNewswire/ -- Verizon Wireless is launching a HopeLine® drive across Plano to collect no-longer-used wireless phones and accessories to benefit victims of domestic violence as part of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In support of the cause, the city of Plano in conjunction with Verizon Wireless and The Family Place, has proclaimed October, HopeLine Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

I'm ususally fairly skeptical about PR like this, but this instance merits an exception. I'd like to hear from other readers: please tell me if you feel this program will benefit domestic violence victims, if it will decrease the rates of these crimes, and if you feel there are other, better ways to address the problem. TIA.


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I'm not sure why this blurb from Verizon is in a news item. As far as I know all the wireless operators that I know supposedly are part of this program or a similar one. T-Mobile, AT&T and I'd guess Sprint do the same. I guess maybe Verizon feels that they're not getting enough sympathy in the kudos department or something.

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It was in a Press Release.

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