DHS: Our Reports To Congress Are Successful Lies [telecom]

This is from TechDirt:

From the "Yeah, we already kinda figured" dept > > Okay, it's official. I no longer believe that our Department of > Homeland Security is an actual government agency with important work > to do. No, I now believe that it is a series of highly subtle > performance art pieces designed to make us laugh at the sheer > audacity of dumb government. We already know about the agency's > boss, who is in charge of cybersecurity, not bothering to use the > internet. And then there is the DHS's highly touted fusion centers > being both a waste of money and a detriment to the very freedoms > they're supposedly protecting.

For the rest, see:

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This is a very interesting insight into the bureaucratic mind, on many different levels.

Let's see - just off the top of my head ...

  1. The Department of Homeland Security believes that not being caught in a lie /is/ the same thing as telling the truth.

  1. DHS feels that members of Congress are just like any other consumer of their spin-doctored output.

  2. DHS did this in an election year.

The actions of a Cabinet-level governmetn agency, taken in the middle of a presidential election, are a harbinger of the next step in the downfall of the United States. Our "Civil Servants" have started to treat the our elected representatives exactly like any other target of propaganda anywhere in the world. It is ... what's the word I'm searching for? ...



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Relevence to telecom? Yeah, that's a tough one. Well, there are two kinds of censorship: you can cut off offending views, or you can put out a boatload of carp that buries what your opponents say and makes everyone want to ignore it because it is tainted by a vile smell.

The DHS has chosen the later option. It remains to be seen if the Congress will allow such Bush-league competitors on their turf.

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