Telephone Rates Should be Inclusive!

In shopping for a cell phone (and landline), all the providers quote a monthly rate, but note "there are additional fees; these are not taxes". These are things like the universal service fee, 911 fee, etc. Some are federally mandated, some are local.

The present arrangement allows carriers to insert "secret" rate increases by increasing the fees but keeping the published rate the same. These fees can add up to be substantial. (The "fees" on my present cell phone are 20% of the total bill!)

Since the fees are required, they should be included in the total rate. If the carriers want to increase their rates, then it becomes obvious they're doing so.

The fact is most subscribers do not study their monthly bill in detail. The fees are so complicated, broken down in so many ways, nobody has the time or patience to do so. My phone bills runs several pages to list all the fees, especially if I cross state lines. (Did I violate the Mann Act?)

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