TelecomDirect News Daily Update - Monday, April 17, 2006

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Partners Mull Buy-Out of Vodafone's Stake in US, Belgium & ...

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Verizon, Belgacom and Swisscom have indicated theirwillingness to buy out Vodafone's minority stakes in mobile operatorsVerizon Wireless, Belgacom's Proximus and Swisscom Mobile, with Verizontabling a reported US$50...

Intelig Aims to Boost Revenues by 10% During 2006

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Brazilian telecoms provider Intelig Telecom - 50% owned by theBritish National Grid, 25% by France Telecom and 25% by Sprint - aimsto boost its revenues by 10% in 2006, according to local news serviceAgencia Estado. Intelig's 2005 revenues were 80% from long-distancerevenues and 20% from data.Significance: In order to reachits target,...

Mobile Phone Software a Virtual Bodyguard

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It may not be as strong a deterrent as pepper spray or a loud scream, but Rave Wireless hasdeveloped mobile phone software that aims to help college students protectthemselves against muggers and other attackers.The NewYork-based company's Rave Guardian is designed to turn an ordinary mobile phoneinto a personal security system. The...

RBOCs Want Inside Your House

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As if selling you voice, video, and data services weren't enough, three ofthe nation's largest phone companies have designs to help build and manage yourhome network, too.  In recent interviews with three RBOC technology executives, AT&T Inc., VerizonCommunications Inc., and Qwest Communications International Inc....

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