TelecomDirect News Daily Update - July 06, 2006

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AOL May Offer Its Services for Free

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NEW YORK -- America Online, the online unit of Time Warner Inc., is considering offering its services, including e-mail, free to customers who already have a high-speed Internet connection, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. Under terms of the proposal, which comes amid AOL's quickly depreciating subscriber base, AOL ...

Nokia in US$150 million deal to expand GSM/GPRS networks in China

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HELSINKI, Finland -- Nokia Corp. on Thursday announced a US$150 million deal to further expand mobile phone networks for Henan MCC in China, the company's largest single market area. Deliveries for the contract -- the 11th expansion of GSM, or Global System for Mobile communication, networks for Henan Mobile ...

AT&T Offers Voice, Broadband and Wireless Bundle

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AT&T has launched an All Distance wireline, AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet and Cingular Wireless package for US$100 per month. For their money, consumers will get unlimited direct-dialled long-distance calling and local calling; Caller ID and the choice of two other features; internet access at 384 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps downstream,...

Siemens Deploys WiMAX Network for Orbitel

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Siemens has announced that it has deployed a WiMAX network for Orbitel in Colombia's third-largest city, Cali. The nework, which is based on Colombia's WayMAX@vantage solution comprising base stations, modems and a monitoring and control system, will provide wireless broadband internet access in direct competition to xDSL...

Fixed-Line Operator CenterTelecom Expects to Profit From Russia's CPP

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Regional fixed-line operator CenterTelecom has revealed that it expects to generate a profit of 133.12 million roubles (US$4.95 million) in 2006, as a result of the Calling Party Pays (CPP) principle, which was introduced in Russia on 1 July 2006, reports Prime-Tass. According to the ruling, mobile users are no longer charged for ...

Broadcom, TI Challenge Qualcomm

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Qualcomm is once again the subject of a complaint. The latest: Texas Instruments and Broadcom have filed a complaint in South Korea, alleging antitrust behavior. The complaint, filed with the South Korea Fair Trade Commission, charges Qualcomm with wielding its CDMA market dominance to keep competitors out of the market ...

Homeland Security NIPP's At Telecom

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released a sweeping, 196-page report on implementing a nationwide national infrastructure protection plan (NIPP), with telecom networks, cyber security and information technology (IT) playing one of the central roles in American preparedness and recovery. In completing the work, DHS ...

Mobile WiMax Takes Fixed Field

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It may not be long before the 'd' in 802.16d stands for 'defunct'. More and more WiMax companies acknowledge that 802.16e -- the standard often called 'mobile WiMax' -- is in demand for fixed deployments, too. "We think the basic technology for WiMax will be 802.16e," says Tzvika Friedman ...

Vonage Peer Makes a Fine Whine

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8x8 Inc. shareholders are feeling testy about the company's sagging stock price. So much so that CEO Bryan Martin Wednesday issued an open letter meant to reassure them. While several things may be pulling 8x8's stock price down, 8x8 has clearly been hit with some shrapnel flying from the general direction of Vonage's ...

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