[Telecom] New book on Gray/Bell patent dispute

This claims to be the first book about Gray. Certainly, the story of the Gray-Bell patent dispute, including the race to the patent office and the litigation afterwards, is part of every history of the industry.

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The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell's Secret

Seth Shulman: "The Telephone Gambit" (Norton)

Alexander Graham Bell is best remembered as the father of the telephone. But a science journalist found evidence that the credit actually belongs to a lesser known inventor. He presents the surprising story behind one of history's most important and lucrative inventions Guests

Seth Shulman, author, editor, and journalist specializing in issues in science, technology, and the environment. His most recent books include "Unlocking the Sky" and "Owning the Future."

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Like many modern technological inventions, the telephone was a culmination of past work.

As I understand it, while the Bell family certainly became comfortable from the invention's success, they did not become fabuously rich like other tycoons of that era. The real explosion in telephony occured after the patents ran out.

The invention of the telephone was only 50% of its success story. (And let's remember it was Edison who invented the carbon transmitter, not Bell.) The other 50% was the business acumen of Bell's already- wealthy father-in-law (who also financed the venture), and subsequent company leaders like Theodore Vail.

I believe it was around 1919 that Vail made the pact with the government that created the Bell System as a regulated monopoly which would strive to provide universal service. That pact allowed telephone service in the US to grow and prosper far better than anywhere else in the world and would last until divesture in 1983.

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Edison invented the carbon microphone under contract to Western Electric, so he got bragging rights but not the patents.

The Bell System was founded in 1876.

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