[telecom] iPad Air review

iPad Air review

By Rene Ritchie Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013



The first iPad was advertised as magical and revolutionary, Apple's most advanced technology at an unbelievable price. It lifted the tablet from a decade of obscurity and made it not only a household name, but a household product. The iPad 2, however, proffered that technology alone was not enough. It was thinner, lighter, and faster, but also more confident. It defined post-PC even as it made the computer itself far more personal. The iPad 3 was new and "resolutionary", but at the expense of thinness and lightness. The iPad 4, twice as fast. Both brought specs to what Apple had previously framed an experience fight, and the latter was overshadowed almost entirely by the fresher, smaller iPad mini. When it came to the full-sized iPad, it seemed Apple had hit a wall.

Enter the iPad Air. Where the limitations of 2012 dictated Apple had to choose between Retina and lightness, the advances of 2013 mean that Apple - that we - can now have both. But is it just more specs, or is it once again getting technology out of our way? Is it simply thinner, lighter, and faster, or has Apple recaptured the delight and the magic? Is it merely a step forward, or is the iPad Air truly another leap?


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