[telecom] Heathkit Declares Bankruptcy, Closes for Good (Again)

Heathkit Declares Bankruptcy, Closes for Good (Again)


The July 19 edition of The Herald-Palladium -- a newspaper serving the communities of Benton Harbor and St Joseph, Michigan -- is reporting that Heathkit Education Company has declared bankruptcy and has officially closed its doors after defaulting on its lease. According to the paper, Heathkit employed more than 1800 people in its heyday after World War II; when it finally closed, its workforce totaled fewer than six people. This is the second time since 1992 that Heathkit Educational Services has shuttered its doors. In August

2011, Heathkit announced it was returning to the kit building business, and in September, that it would once again be manufacturing Amateur Radio kits.


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Monty Solomon
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I find it odd that they couldn't make a go of it when companies like Sparkfun and even MPJA are doing a bang up job of it.

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