[Telecom] FCC action against robocaller

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is a citation for violation of TCPA.

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is a Notice of Apparent Liability for $9,997,750 for spoofing the number of a competitor in robocalls.

Apparently there are online robocall platforms where you can set up calling campaigns. It SEEMS that these platforms should do a couple things to help with compliance:

  1. Check the numbers against the FTC Do Not Call list (recognizing that robocalls are allowed to people on the Do Not Call list if it's an emergency or there is an established business relationship).

  1. Call the number provided for caller ID for approval of the use of that number. This could be an automated process. When someone provides the number through the web platform, call that number with a recorded voice saying "This number has been provided for a robocall campaign caller ID. If you authorize the use of this number for caller ID for this campaign, press 1." or something like that. This would avoid the targeting of a competitor [as alleged] here.


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