[telecom] ConnecTV is bringing ads to TV viewers' mobile devices

ConnecTV is bringing ads to TV viewers' mobile devices

When the Ad Sync technology recognizes a commercial, actor or key term on television, it can deliver a related ad to the smartphones and tablet computers in the room.

By Dawn C. Chmielewski, Los Angeles Times January 4, 2013

A technology company whose iPad and computer application seeks to make television viewing more "social" is working to make TV commercials more interactive too.

ConnecTV is launching a new type of advertising network that will enable brands to enhance their television commercials by delivering a second-screen experience to smartphones and tablets. The Ad Sync technology recognizes the spot airing on TV - say, an ad for "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" - then delivers information to the portable devices in the room about the nearest theaters screening the movie.

A feature called TV Words allows advertisers to buy key terms - much as brands do now with Internet search through Google Inc.'s AdWords. Anytime a particular name or phrase is spoken on television, a related ad would pop up on a smartphone, tablet or computer running ConnecTV's free app (or other apps that are part of the network).


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