[telecom] 20 years of GSM digital mobile phones

20 years of GSM digital mobile phones
How far the cellphone has come since the Nokia 1011
By Caleb Cox
9 November 2012
The Register
Twenty years ago today, on 9 November 1992, Nokia launched the
world's first commercially available GSM digital mobile phone - the
Nokia 1011 - strengthening consumer interest in the world of mobile
connectivity. The candybar device - which weighed a whopping 475g and
could sustain a conversation for no more than 90 minutes - also
introduced text messaging, viewable on the handset's two-line display.
Those that rushed off to buy one were blissfully unaware of how much
their handsets would evolve over the next two decades. The notion
that a phone could become the central hub of their lives would have
been considered outlandish. Here then are of the of the most
significant milestones reached in the digital mobile era.
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