Taxes, was: NYC Transit Strike Midst Cold Weather and Christmas

[ Responding to TELECOM Digest Editor regarding NYC's Mayor Bloomberg's non-control of the State chartered transit system ]

Then why can't he get the commuter tax back? (There used to be a NYC

> Income Tax for non-residents of the city who worked there, but the > state turned it off. Turning it on to lower taxes paid by city > residents who vote for mayor would help Bloomberg.)

If you really believe that letting NYC tap additional tax revenue (from, in this case, non city residents) would lead to a corresponding decrease in other taxes, I'd suggest you're demonstrating a very rosy view of government finances.

obtelecom: There's an extra special "tax" on telephone services (wired and wireless) that's applied to the dozen or so counties (that's NYC and a hefty chunk of the surrounding area) supposedely earmarked for the mass transit system. Note that I just spent a half hour going through lots and lots of financial web pages and couldn't find the actual figure ...

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