Re: NYC Transit Strike Midst Cold Weather and Christmas

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: For someone who has no control over the

> matter (as you claim about Bloomberg) he sure does a lot of talking > about the strike and taking credit for ending it Thursday afternoon.

He's a politician, therefore he takes credit for anything he can.

Why don't we hear him saying, "Sorry, that's not my department, you > will need to talk to the transit workers and their managers."?

If the strike had lasted another three weeks he would have.

And yes, I _know_ the one is a state agency and the other is a > municipal government ... duh! But you should know that when Bloomberg > says 'jump' everyone asks 'how high?', etc.

Then why can't he get the commuter tax back? (There used to be a NYC Income Tax for non-residents of the city who worked there, but the state turned it off. Turning it on to lower taxes paid by city residents who vote for mayor would help Bloomberg.)

The union does not require ineffeciency, or no more so than the > government bosses.

Then why do all efficiency improvements require negotiation with the union, and generally giving the union something in return?


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