Steven VanRoekel, CIO of the USA, speaks at Xerox PARC [Telecom]

" Don't miss this opportunity to hear and interact with Steven VanRoekel, " the Chief Information Officer of the United States, in his first public " appearance since his appointment by President Barack Obama in August 2011. " VanRoekel, who has been a visionary leader at Microsoft and the FCC, will " share his priorities for the Federal IT landscape and his vision for how " technology can enable the government to do more for the American people, " even as we face constrained resources.

Details of the free meeting at Xerox PARC in Palo Alto CA are here:

The program begins at 7:00pm PDT Tuesday 25-OCT-2011 and the above page states the "event *WILL* be livestreamed. Details forthcoming."

As of 2:45am Monday, the livestreaming details are not yet online.

For those on the US West Coast who want to chance getting a seat in the PARC auditorium, you MUST register here:

Note the [QTY] input box near the bottom of the page; enter a "1" for yourself, click [SUBMIT], and proceed through the remaining pages [info about yourself, nametag, checkout review, etc.]. It's free and the transaction will always display a $0.00 value.

The last several pages take awhile to process, so I suspect they're checking availability, etc. When/if you get to the last (5th) page, you'll be registered and you'll shortly receive a confirming email.

Sorry for the late announcement. I've known about this event since last week but it wasn't until a colleague called late this evening asking if I received a confirmation that I realized registration is mandatory, thinking I could just drive the 3 miles to PARC and walk in. I had no trouble registering late Sunday night so there "should" still be available room.

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The livestreaming details appeared on PARC's site today (24-OCT-2011):

Additional background on Steven VanRoekel also appeared: " " Steven VanRoekel is the second Chief Information Officer of the United " States, appointed by President Obama on August 5th, 2011. Mr. VanRoekel " plays a key role in ensuring that the Federal Government is operating, " in President Obama's words, "in the most secure, open, and efficient way " possible." VanRoekel works closely with the chief technology and " performance officers. " " Mr. VanRoekel directs IT policy, strategic planning of Federal IT " investments, and oversight of Federal technology spending. He " establishes and oversees enterprise architecture to ensure system " interoperability and information-sharing, and maintains information " security and privacy across the Federal Government. VanRoekel's " priorities include openness and transparency, lowering costs, " cybersecurity, participatory democracy, and innovation.

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On 10/24/2011 3:34 PM, Thad Floryan wrote:

A reasonably complete report of the material that was discussed can be read here (appeared online at 4am PDT) though the meeting place was incorrectly stated -- it was at Xerox PARC in Palo Alto CA whereas the Churchill Club is in San Jose CA:

The first several paragraphs are:

" The nation's top technology official on Tuesday unveiled a "future " first" strategy designed to minimize the delays that routinely " sentence government technology projects to early obsolescence. " " In an interview, federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel " said the plan centers on building small applications that can be " quickly and cheaply plugged in and upgraded. " " For example, in the past the federal government would take years and " spend hundred of millions to install one broad software package " covering every aspect of financial management. Going forward, it's " more likely to rapidly put in place separate ledger, auditing and " payroll components that can be updated or replaced independently, but " work together seamlessly. " " "The hope is that the future of government is modular and future- " ready," VanRoekel said. "The government really needs to switch " to lean startup mode." " " VanRoekel was set to present the strategy, which he believes will make " the federal government more efficient, nimble and cost effective, " Tuesday night in a keynote address at the Churchill Club in Palo Alto. " " The critical problem with the old approach is that systems often " arrive over budget, past deadline and deeply flawed. " " "We have many cases where these long, very expensive projects are " obsolete by the time you're done," he said. " " Famously, the FBI's Virtual Case File initiative, an effort to bring " the agency's antiquated case-tracking systems into the 21st century, " took $170 million and five years to build. In the end, it was so buggy " and unusable that the system was scrapped.

{ article continues at the above SFGate URL }

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