Smartphones will make mobile security a challenge [Telecom]

The increasing use of smart phones in the workplace opens new vulnerabilities as the smart phones become hacked and run malware. Think of the smart phones as open conduits to the company/corporate LANs and other infrastructure per:

" [...] " ... mentioned SexyView.D, what he described as the first " iPhone worm targeting an English-speaking audience. The " virus, which only affected "jail-broken" iPhones (devices " modified to work with other phone service providers), " spreads through text messages containing malicious links " and re-sends itself to the victim's list of contacts once " inside. " " In November, F-Secure found in the Netherlands another " iPhone virus called Duh, which substituted a bank's log-in " Web site for a fake one designed by criminals to steal the " victims' credentials. The scam was not easy to detect with " the naked eye since Internet addresses often don't show in " their entirety in mobile devices. " [...]

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And today on Slashdot we find:

" Apple Blocking iPhone Security Software " " " " Speaking exclusively to PC Pro, Eugene Kaspersky has claimed " Apple has repeatedly refused to deliver the software development " kit necessary to design security software for the phone. 'We " have been in contact for two years with Apple to develop our " anti-theft software, [but] still we do not have permission,' " said Kaspersky. Although he admits the risk of viruses " infecting the iPhone is 'almost zero,' he claims that securing " the data on the handset is critical, especially as iPhones are " increasingly being used for business purposes. 'I don't want " to say Apple's is the wrong way of behaving, or the right " way,' Kaspersky added. 'It's just a corporate culture ? it " wants to control everything.

Kapersky already offers security solutions for Symbian and Windows Mobile and soon for Blackberry and Android. More from Eugene Kapersky here:

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