SIT Tones and Robo-calls [telecom]

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From: Pete Cresswell

> Subject: Re: Robocall claims to be from MCI > > Per Ron: > >Over the last week or so, we've gotten several calls on our landline in > >which a recording tells us to call MCI immediately to verify information > >about our line or account or something. The number to call is > >1-888-221-3190. Did a reverse lookup on the #; appears to be a > >telemarketer. Anyone know about this? How to get it to stop? > > Over the past year robocalls to our landline have become so > numerous that we have resorted to prefixing our answering > machine's message with the SAT tones and not picking up the phone > until we hear the voice of somebody we know.

Has it been firmly established that SIT tones on answering machine will in fact disrupt/disconnect robo-calls?

Can one simply record a downloaded audio version played aloud on a laptop, such as the attached? I suppose it's worth a try.

Regards, Mike Stafford VA

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