See You Later, Anti-Gators?

By Paul Festa

Slapped with a libel suit by the notorious adware company, a Web site pulls pages that called Gator's program "spyware." Will the suit cause critics of Gator-like software to zip their lips?

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235 Second Street San Francisco, CA 94105 U.S.A. [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The essence of this is that some web site or another, or more than one, referred to products from the GAIN Company as 'spyware'; the response of GAIN/Gator to web sites which accuse them of being 'spyware' is to file suit. At one point, a few years ago, I experimented with some of the GAIN offerings; one was a clock setting program which synched to the Naval Observatory clock now and then. I've long since found a freeware open-source thing which does the same thing with several master clocks, and have since installed it on my entire network. But when I had the GAIN/Gator thing installed, I *read in its agreement* that I would get some advertising which I did. I do not recall reading anywhere that the cookies it generated were going to report what I was doing back to GAIN however, and apparently that is what the web sites were alleging, and what caused them to get sued on account of their allegations. PAT]
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